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Krushi Prasar Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established by the team of IT Professional from Agriculture family background. KP Foundation is registered in 2017 under the Society Act 1860 and 1971 but, it was active since 2013 with its small - small efforts to improve our farmer's conditions.

Krushi Prasar Foundation's role is to develop and implement policies and programs that ensure India's agricultural, fisheries, food and forestry industries remain competitive, profitable and sustainable.

Our policies and programs: # Encourage and support sustainable natural resource use and management #Protect the health and safety of plant and animal industries # Enable industries to adapt to compete in a fast-changing international and economic environment. # Help improve market access and market performance for the agricultural and food sector # Encourage and assist industries to adopt new technology and practices # Assist primary producers and the food industry to develop business and marketing skills, and to be financially self-reliant.

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Krushi Prasar is inviting you to donate for farmer' s welfare or educating them about latest technologies used in agriculture. Your little efforts will not make only our future better but also our upcoming generations will get benefits of this donation. There is a very easy process to donate to Krushi Parashar. For this you have to register on Krushiprasar.org . Once you are a registered user you have to update your profile with name, address , your job profile and business.

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Agriculture is the key for development of any country, state or human being. India accounts for 7.68% of total global agricultural output. Agriculture provides employment to more than 50% of the countries workforce. Let's all contribute a bit to help farmer & India to more prosperous in Agriculture.


e-Agriculture is a global community of practice that facilitates dialogue, information and sharing of ideas related to sustainable agriculture & development.


Our Organization is a registered NGO of India, working for Rural Development to empower farmer and their families to be self-sufficient in the future.


KPF has been promoting the concept of water harvesting, particularly in urban areas, as a technological solution that can be adopted.


This is a "free" source of electricity which can be used to supply the energy needs of home, farms and business. KPF is encouraging more and more use of Solar.


Krushi Prasar Foundation is encouraging farmers to adopt the Horticulture and giving support in technical trainings via various methods.


Krushi Prasar Foundation is encouraging farmers to adopt the organic systems and giving support in technical trainings via various methods.


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Anil Gadling

Graphic Designer
Working for more than 15+ years as Graphic Designer at Fujitsu Consulting India Ltd.

Zaitun Khan

Legal Advisor
Working for more than 12 years as HR Operations and 6+ years as legal Advisor for Mouthshut.com

Siddhartha Vinde

Merchant Navy Engineer
Worked as Engineer in Merchant Navy for more than 12+ years Wallem Maritime Service Inc.

Nimesh Shirshat

Concept Artist VFX
Working for more than 12+ years as Concept Artist at Drishyam VFX

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